B.A. Rudolph’s Arkansas roots continue to deeply influence the BA Women’s Alliance. To honor her involvement with the University of Arkansas (1978) and her longtime professional commitment to former President Clinton, we partnered with the Clinton School of Public Service to create the B.A. Rudolph Scholarship.

This $12,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a woman who is a rising second-year student and best embodies the mission and values of the BA Women’s Alliance. Co-founders Rebecca Davis and Maggie Moore announced the creation of the scholarship on February 21, 2015, during their participation in the Clinton School Speaker Series. President Clinton, addressing the entire student body, announced the first recipient of the B.A. Rudolph Scholarship on March 27, 2015.

  • Jennifer Guzman From Little Rock, AR

    Interned at Vital Voices
    "I will be forever grateful to the B.A. Rudolph Foundation for selecting me as the first Rudolph Scholar from the Clinton School. The scholarship made a world of difference to me and gave me the opportunity to focus on my goals without having to worry about money. Without the support of the B.A. Rudolph Foundation, I would not be in my position today."

  • Stacy Cox From Little Rock, AR

    Interned at Heifer International
    "This scholarship allowed me to focus my time and effort on a project I am incredibly proud of and to do so without financial stress. I am grateful to the women of the B.A. Rudolph Foundation for providing me with the scholarship and a sense of community."
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  • Amie Alexander From Little Rock, AR

    Interned at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation; Foreign Agricultural Service
    "The support of the BA women solidified the power of a sisterhood of women. They listened to me and compassionately pointed me in the direction of my passions, interests, and networking. This was a game changer in my graduate experience."
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  • Mariella Hernandez From Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Interned at Give and Surf
    Mariella is passionate about reducing health inequities by addressing the social determinants of health disparities and hopes to make contributions in this field upon graduation. Her goal is to use her advantages to empower others, specifically by enabling the marginalized and disenfranchised access care that will increase their wellbeing.
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  • Marquisa Wince From Milwaukee, WI

    Marquisa’s public service interests include legal advocacy, human rights, civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and advocacy for young people, communities of color, and other marginalized groups. She is currently in pursuit of a Masters degree in Public Service from The Clinton School of Public Service and J.D. from William H. Bowen School of Law.

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