These 22 BA Women represent the 2018 EmpowHER alumnae.
They have already achieved so much;
just watch as they change the world.

  • Sonia Adame From Fort Collins, CO

    Interned at Colorado Water Institute
    "My mentor helped me to get outside my comfort zone and be more outspoken. Her advice helped me to become a more comfortable leader and taught me to speak my mind, set boundaries and always advocate for myself."
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  • Yeabsira Asrat From New York, NY

    Interned at Church World Services
    "The foundation-funded professional development workshops exceeded my expectations! I left every workshop feeling very empowered, capable and in charge of my own destiny. I developed the skill of presenting myself confidently, how to highlight my talents and how to make lasting connections in the professional world."
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  • Blaythe Ayala From Norwalk, CA

    Interned with Congresswoman Linda Sanchez
    "Internships are often inaccessible to low-income, first-generation college students, putting them, especially students of color, at a disadvantage. This summer taught me how to navigate large government institutions, it gave me tools to mobilize my community, and gave me access into spaces that were originally not made for us."
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  • Paradyse Blackwood From Kingston, NY

    Interned at University of Pittsburgh Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology
    "The support I received made a significant difference in my professional and personal development. The mentors I was given, advice, and networking opportunities helped me to get one step closer to attaining my dream job of being a professor with my own research laboratory."
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  • Esder Chong From Highland Park, NJ

    Interned at George Washington University Law School
    Immigration Clinic

    "Being in spaces of strong, powerful, supportive women left me feeling encouraged with a strong support system to carry with me as I continue my work in immigration advocacy. The workshops gave me a space and platform to network, mingle, and get to personally know strong, motivated women who encouraged me and my work in the immigrant advocacy world."
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  • Audrey Fisher From Elmhurst, IL

    Interned at American Association of Colleges of Nursing
    "BA women helped me to understand how to be a successful mentee and prepared me to take on mentor relationships. I respect their candor, intelligence, and ability to command a room. The most valuable part of the program was the connections I made, including the 20 other women in my cohort, all believeing in each other to create a better world."
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  • Angela Frimpong From Grinnell, IA

    Interned at Bread for the World
    "There was no better feeling than the feeling I got when my calendar reminded me that I had a BA event after work! The Foundation-funded professional development workshops and seminars allowed me to learn from various professionals and helped me to polish my networking skills. The Foundation has truly influenced my life and career."
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  • Lauren Harnedy From Boston, MA

    Interned at Nock Lab of Harvard University
    "Without the support of the program, it is unlikely that I would have been able to cultivate my passion for research and working with high-risk individuals. The program allowed me to work my dream job and have the best summer of my life."
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  • Austyn Holleman From Raleigh, NC

    Interned at Mary's Center
    "The program provided me with a sense of connectedness to other women whose passion and experiences I can draw from to fuel my own professional journey. I left each event with a renewed sense of inspiration, motivated by the incredible things other women are doing to change the world and lift other women higher."
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  • Sacred Huff From Arlington, VA

    Interned at Bread for the City Legal Clinic
    "The best networking opportunities I received over the summer is derived from meeting the other BA Women. It was truly a fantastic group of women, and I really appreciated the diversity among us. It was inspiring to learn more about their backgrounds and goals and to be a support system for each other."

  • Belinda Joseph From Kissimmee, FL

    Interned at Siemens Energy Inc
    "The Foundation helped me grow professionally, reinforced my networking skills, and I had the privilege of meeting outstanding women, including my current mentors. They taught me persistence and perseverance. They shed light on any questions I had, clarified confusions, shared personal experiences, and pointed out things I could improve on."
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  • Miranda Keane From Bel Air, MD

    Interned at Save the Children
    "Being a part of the program allowed me to reach my full potential. It helped me to feel confident and able as a woman interning in Washington, D.C. The workshops helped me with public speaking, starting and maintaining professional conversations, maintaining professional relationships, and overall, being a better businesswoman."
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  • Kathy Le From Baltimore, MD

    Interned at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    "Through interactions with the B.A. Rudolph community and my professional mentors, I learned the importance of networking and self-advocacy. The summer solified my passion for science and my goal of having my own lab. My accomplishemnts would not have been possible without the support of the B.A. Rudolph Foundation."
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  • Julia Mancini From Andover, MA

    Interned at American Red Cross
    "I had the opportunity to meet and speak with BA Women, who were all passionate and driven. The program also provided me with the opportunity to connect with professional mentors. I had not realized that this was missing from my personal and professional development, and it helped me understand how beneficial and life-changing a strong mentorship can be."
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  • Vanessa Miller From State College, PA

    Interned at Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law AND the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
    "The Foundation connected me with women in DC who are working to make society more equitable, including my mentors, who were kind, bright, intelligent women. I am so proud to be part of a growing group of fierce women who contribute to their
    respective fields."
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  • Jessica Reinert From Westfield, MA

    Interned at United Nations Association of the National Capital Area
    "As a woman, a first-generation college student, a non-traditional age student, and an individual attempting to enter public service. Every event and workshop I attended reinvigorated and inspired me to keep on my path. The summer showed me that I wasn't alone, that I can do everything I want, and that I should never stop advocating
    for myself."
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  • Anabel Reyes-Ovalles From Washington, D.C.

    Interned at Justice Programs Office at American University
    "As a result of this scholarship, I became empowered and part of a network that pays it forward to other people, communities and causes. I now have a better understanding of how my field is applicable to many different job opportunities and feel more confident in pursuing more challenging opportunities."
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  • Karla Robles From Palatine, IL

    Interned for Senator Durbin
    "Prior to this summer, I had never experienced what it was like to have women supporting women. BA Women are incredible. Their intelligence, empowerment, and passion taught me to continue fighting for my goals unapologetically while continuing to support women and building a society that provides equitable opportunities to access and success."
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  • Valeria Torres Irizarry From San Lorenzo, PR

    Interned at Protein Engineering Research Laboratory, University of Puerto Rico at Cayey
    "Thanks to the program, I gained three new mentors who are helping me through the graduate school application process. I learned about their pathways and they helped me to break boundaries and feel more confident in myself. The BA staff were kind and supportive during the summer. Thanks to them, I am a better student, scientist, and woman."
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  • Nicole Williams From Middleburg, VA

    Interned at Womanium
    "Being a B.A. Rudolph STEM scholar included funding as well as mentors, networking opportunities, and professional workshop! This program equipped me well to enter the professional world. If I could meet B.A., I would tell her that I'm going to stir up the male-dominated field of artificial intelligence!"
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  • Michelle Walls From Lansing, Michigan

    Interned as a Research Assistant at Dr. Ralph Watson
    "The program inspired me to be the successful woman of my dreams. I now stand in the satisfaction that I made it to the to medical school. Without the accountability and support of the Foundation, I don't think I could have made it on my own. Thanks to the BA family I have been propelled along a path to create the world I imagine."
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  • Rana Thabata From Gretna, LA

    Interned at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
    "I wanted to be a part of this community because it had a mission and vision of bridging gaps for women of different identities. I loved the professional development workshops on career visioning. I got to set goals for myself and be held accountable. My mentors inspired me and gave me so many awesome connections and recommendations."
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