These 13 BA Women represent the 2015 EmpowHER alumnae.
They have already achieved so much;
just watch as they change the world.

  • Milagros Bartolome From Dahlonega, GA

    Interned at Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Human Rights and Special Prosecutions
    "I loved every minute I spent working as an intern at the Department of Justice. It would have been nearly impossible to live in Washington, D.C. without the B.A. Rudolph Foundation's support. Thank you very much for granting me the scholarship- I am forever grateful
    for the opportunity."
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  • Olga Boichak From Ukraine

    Center for European Policy Analysis
    "My internship was truly enriching experience that fulfilled my expectations in every possible way. I now have a clear understanding of what I am doing and where I would like to be in the years to come. Here's a big thank you to the B.A. Rudolph Foundation for helping me to get this far!"
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  • Cambrey Dent From New Orleans, LA

    Interned at Children's Defense Fund
    "[At my internship] I was convicted, encouraged, challenged, excited, hopeful, sad, agitated, and happy. It was a rollercoaster, but at the end, all of the emotions culminated into one. I was motivated."
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  • Ivana Djukic From Towson, MD

    Interned at Save the Children
    "My internship is easily one of the best experiences I've had thus far in graduate school, and affirmed my future career goal of working for an organization that focuses on providing and advocating for humanitarian aid. These moments would not have been possible without the support provided by the B.A. Rudolph Foundation."
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  • Yuliya Grigoryan From Bowling Green, KY

    Interned at United States Tax Court
    "The best part of my internship was being exposed to material I had never before encountered. It encouraged me to work independently and research complex subject matters. I was able to explore my interest in tax while working with incredibly talented people."
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  • Chelsea Johnson From Washington, D.C.

    Interned at U.S. Attorney's Office
    "My experience was one I will never forget. I had the opportunity to get a better understanding of what it means to work as an attorney for the federal government [and] developed a newfound respect for the occupation. My experience heightened my passion to create social change programs dedicated to men and women of color within the Washington, D.C. area."
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  • Eleanor Krause From Bloomington, IN

    Interned at World Resources Institute, US Climate Program
    "I can say now with certainty that my future professional and academic careers have been greatly improved thanks to my internship at WRI. I am deeply excited to continue the work that I began with the organization this summer into the school year, and to continue this work in other forms throughout the remainder of my life."
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  • Erika Marmol From Park City, IL

    Intern at Camp Eureka; Sage Corps
    "I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to experience these internships. I learned that I absolutely love teaching, and though it's frustrating at times, exhausting both mentally and physically, it was all worth it. Inspiring young women and letting them know that anyone can be an engineer is something I will never forget."
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  • Erin Marshall Frankfort, KY

    Interned at Democratic National Committee
    "The connections and friendships I made with supervisors and with mentors provided by the B.A. Rudolph Foundation led to numerous informational interviews and networking with other professionals in the field of campaigning. Upon completion of the program, one of these connections offered me another internship."
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  • Emily Mediate From Colorado Springs, CO

    Interned at Department of State, Bureau for African Affairs,
    Office of East Africa

    "My experience was rewarding and informative for my career aspirations. In all, it rounded out what I have learned thus far in my education, altered my trajectory towards a long-term career with the State Department, and provided me with real-world experience that will enhance the graduate school program that I intend to begin next year."
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  • Juliette Rando From Sharon, MA

    Interned at Lab of Dr. Sarah Tishkoff, University of Pennsylvania
    "Thanks to the generosity of the B.A. Rudolph Foundation, I was able to immerse myself in human genetics research, develop independence in the lab, and connect with researchers who generously mentored me. I feel incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity."
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  • Kathleen Tsai From Philadelphia, PA

    Interned at Charkoudian Lab, Haverford College
    "This summer, I gained a valuable set of skills and knowledge that I will use throughout my senior thesis and after I graduate: critical thinking, teamwork, and the ability to work and think indepe-
    ndently. I am sincerely grateful to the B.A. Rudolph Foundation for making my summer internship possible."
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  • Marie Vastola From Pacific Grove, CA

    Interned at Lab of Dr. Irving Weissman, Stanford University
    "My summer was an incredible learning experience - professionally and personally. I would like to thank the B.A. Rudolph Foundation for awarding me the STEM scholarship. This scholarship allowed me to follow my interests, pursue an incredible research opportunity, and financially support my college education."
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