These 4 BA Women represent the 2014 EmpowHER alumnae.
They have already achieved so much;
just watch as they change the world.

  • Alejandra Carrillo From Dearborn, MI

    Interned at Fulbright Binational Business Fellow
    "My internship at the Department of Justice [taught me] invaluable information about international relations, the criminal justice system in America and its interpretations abroad, and diplomacy. I learned to work fast, well, and precisely. I am eternally grateful to the B.A. Foundation, its board members, supporters, and my mentors."
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  • Shabia Furkan From Paterson, NJ

    Interned at Women's Action for New Directions
    "My internship taught me the importance of working for an issue that I am passionate about and [confirmed] the idea that I can work outside of the government to affect change."
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  • Jamie Keene From Northampton, MA

    Interned at United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
    "My internship gave me the hands-on skills and marketable experiences needed to pursue post-graduate professional work in Washington, D.C. that a college degree alone could not."
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  • Molly Stoneman From Phoenix, AZ

    Interned at Department of Justice, United States Access Board
    "Working in the government's primary disability policy shop gave me a new perspective on how issues of accessibility touch on almost every other policy area. My experience energized my passion for working in public life, and firmly shaped my intellectual and professional goals."
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