Congratulations to the 2020
EmpowHER Cohort!

These 38 daring, tenacious, compassionate women have a passion for change and the drive to go out and make it happen. Through EmpowHER and our sisterhood of BA Women, they’re unstoppable. Get involved today by backing a BA Woman.


  • Jesse Bennett

    “I will change the world by working to create a more inclusive and sympathetic world, especially for those forced to leave their homes and livelihoods due to unsafe situations.” 

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  • Jizelle Campbell

    “I will change the world by empowering women such as myself through my work in advocacy and creating equitable public policy.”

  • Melissa Cepeda

    "I will change the world by advocating for safe conditions and adequate services for women and educating the public on gender equality. "

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  • Melody Creamer

    “I will change the world by promoting peace and diplomacy across the world through my work in our executive branch.”

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  • Berenice Davila Gonzalez

    “I will change the world by working at the intersections of immigration and criminal justice to ensure that all people, especially those living on the margins, are treated with the dignity and compassion they deserve.”

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  • Audrey Davis

    “I will change the world by pushing for uplifting and accommodating policies in our legislative branch that will bring all residents of this country to an equal level of opportunity.”

  • Yolatli Esparza

    "I will change the world by ensuring that marginalized populations have secure and fair access to democracy via my experience in the U.S. legislature."

  • Verania Gonzalez

    “I will change the world by using my education and knowledge to be attentive to work that encourages the success and prosperity of currently underserved communities.”

  • Rubie Gonzalez-Parra

    “I will change the world by working to create and enact policies that are inclusive, diverse, and compassionate.” 

  • Lydia Grate

    “I will change the world by working with global leaders to advance opportunities for business, professional, and academic collaboration.”

  • Cheyenne Green

    “I will change the world by reforming the criminal justice system, re-enfranchising our incarcerated citizens, fighting against recidivism, and supporting communities that become impoverished as a result of mass incarceration.”

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  • Diana Guardiola

    “I will change the world by making equal opportunity a reality for underrepresented communities.” 

  • Tishaun Howard

    “I will change the world by uplifting marginalized communities to ensure we are all represented in spaces formerly restricted by the constraints of society.”

  • Callie Hutcheson

    “I will change the world through trauma informed therapy, by reminding people who are often overlooked that they are seen, their voices matter, and they are worthy of healing from the events in life that may have hurt them.”

  • Antonia Izuogu

    “I will change the world by bridging the gap between communities and policy with my knowledge of the law to improve the overall health and wellbeing of marginalized communities.”

  • Charley Jackson

    “I will change the world by giving a voice to the voiceless and ensuring that those who are underserved in the education system are pulled up to an equal playing field.”

  • Madelyn Jones

    “I will change the world by ensuring that all women feel like they are represented in our democracy and challenging barriers that get in the way of that.”


  • Eesha Kashif

    "I will change the world by fighting corporate greed and inequality through reducing the wealth disparity between multibillion dollar businesses and ordinary citizens."

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  • Abigail Kolff

    "I will change the world by using my love for the environment and passion for social justice to be an advocate for those who are underrepresented or unspoken for in our legal system." 

  • Aleah LaForce

    “I will change the world by loving through servant leadership by creating spaces of equity, inclusivity, and empowerment!” 

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  • Imane Mabrouk

    "I will change the world by working to empower underrepresented communities across the world and sharing their powerful stories."

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  • Diamondnia Mack

    “I will change the world by ensuring that the most underserved, disenfranchised, and underrepresented among us are given a voice to empower themselves, their communities, and advocate for equality.”

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  • Kayla McLymont

    “I will change the world by mitigating health inequities in underrepresented communities through my service as a healthcare provider.” 

  • Te'ya Mitchell

    “I will change the world by using my knowledge of reproductive justice to ensure children of color have access to safe and inclusive environments.”

  • Munira Mohamed

    “I will change the world by aiding refugee and immigrant communities both locally and globally who are barred from obtaining adequate healthcare through my knowledge of policy.”

  • Verónica Olivera-Velez

    “I am going to change the world by giving legal access to the most vulnerable among us.” 

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  • Donah Opande

    “I will change the world by utilizing the skills I have gained through public health and the empowered BA womanhood to help underprivileged communities with their healthcare and rights.” 

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  • Kelsie Piersaint

    “I will change the world by working to ensure that underrepresented communities can obtain access to fair legal representation through my work in policy.”

  • Yamam Saheb

    “I will change the world for lower-income individuals stripped of their basic necessities, enabling them to afford healthcare, lifting them from food deserts, and allowing them to live contentedly in the place they call home.”

  • Ritika Sharma

    “I will change the world by stepping up to fight against domestic violence perpetrated against women around the globe.”

  • Kimani Smith

    “I will change the world by using my knowledge of legal actions and structures to produce policies that will improve the lives of socially and economically disadvantaged populations.” 

  • Maryori Sosa

    “I will change the world by championing accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

  • Sarah Tallents

    “I will change the world by implementing legislation that allows women and marginalized populations to access fundamental human rights without fear of economic and cultural consequences.”

  • Saneela Tameez

    “I will change the world by intersecting the need for mental health awareness and support within the judicial system through policy work or legal services.” 

  • Christianna Trimiar

    “I will change the world mentoring other young women.”

  • Jessica Trowell

    “I will change the world by enacting policies that provide equitable opportunities for low-income people of color and immigrants in our communities.”

  • Destiny Wiley-Yancy

    “I will change the world by bringing the voices of marginalized communities to the forefront of national public policy conversations and working to ensure our nation follows through on its democratic promises to all.” 

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  • Chuhan Zhang

    “I will change the world by studying languages, analyzing international policies, and building cultural bridges with people from different countries to improve international relations.”