Congratulations to the 2020
EmpowHER Cohort!

These 38 daring, tenacious, compassionate women have a passion for change and the drive to go out and make it happen. Through EmpowHER and our sisterhood of BA Women, they’re unstoppable. Get involved today by backing a BA Woman.


  • Jesse Bennett

    I would simply say, Do it. The opportunity to enter a space that is created entirely to support you is invaluable. You will be provided with resources to grow as a leader and a professional and connections to help use those new skills and knowledge in the real world through networking, internships, and workshops. This isn't just a boring classroom seminar, this is a program with real world application of skills and development."

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  • Jizelle Campbell

    I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is so much more than gaining professional experience; this program equips women with confidence and provides women with an amazing, supportive network of sisters. Community is at the center of EmpowHER. The love and all around good energy that I received from being a part of this cohort is something I will never forget."

  • Melissa Cepeda

    "I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER helped me think more about setting boundaries and how to live a healthy, confident life. My favorite part was definitely being able to talk freely with my peers, especially singing along to Harry Styles." 

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  • Melody Creamer

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is an amazing opportunity that I don't think you can find anywhere else. EmpowHER helped me learn what living into your values really means and helped me feel ready to begin a career in public service." 

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  • Berenice Davila Gonzalez

    “I appreciated being able to adapt to the realities of a post-COVID world with the safety net of the EmpowHER network. I never felt helpless with my sisters. I also learned how to network remotely which is deeply important to where I am in my career right now." 

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  • Audrey Davis

    “I would share that EmpowHER is an experience like no other with a support system that you've never felt before. It created a mindset of 'make it happen' instead of letting things pass you by." 

  • Yolatli Esparza

    "I would tell a prospective applicant to take advantage of the program and all it has to offer; as it's definitely an amazing opportunity. You won't regret it. My favorite part of the program was networking and building relationships with the rest of the cohort. Everyone was so welcoming and nice, understanding and helpful." 

  • Verania Gonzalez

    I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is an amazing opportunity that every woman should apply for because it is a great experience, regardless of what your career aspirations are. Throughout the program, you learn how to interact in a professional setting while also being in a comfortable learning environment." 

  • Rubie Gonzalez-Parra

    “I would say that EmpowHER is great for women who need extra support in how to start your professional career. The career coaching helped me strengthen my profile and how I presented myself as a candidate, and to not feel guilty about the opportunities being presented to me." 

  • Lydia Grate

    I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER not only helps you build confidence, it connects you with a group of amazing and inspiring women. I've become more clear about my goals and vision; more sure about my ability to make my dreams a reality."

  • Cheyenne Green

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that if you are looking to build confidence when entering the professional arena, be supported in your personal development, or if you're looking for a family, EmpowHER is the perfect place for you!" 

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  • Diana Guardiola

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is one of the most helpful and welcoming programs I have been in. Despite not knowing anyone, I always felt comfortable around everyone and I knew help was always available. The biggest mindset EmpowHER created for me was realizing failure is part of showing growth and is not something to feel ashamed or embarrassed about." 

  • Tishaun Howard

    I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is an incredible opportunity that they should take if they want to improve themselves as a professional woman in our current world. The EmpowHER program helped me understand my path to my goals professionally and map that out better."

  • Callie Hutcheson

    “EmpowHER is a wonderful opportunity to personally and professionally develop. While learning about yourself and building your network you also continue to refine your life and career plans." 

  • Antonia Izuogu

    “I would tell a prospective applicant to be open to the sisterhood and be willing to be vulnerable with yourself to grow personally and in your career. EmpowHER connected me with a cohort of amazing young women who speak unapologetically and empower each other with encouraging and motivating words." 

  • Charley Jackson

    “The EmpowHER program allowed me to connect with a range of women across the nation who are awesome, inspiring, and some of the biggest fans you could have without meeting any of them. You quickly realize that you are not alone in many of your endeavors." 

  • Madelyn Jones

    I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is an incredible opportunity to meet women who are also starting out in their careers and are invested in growing themselves and strengthening you while all of us work to achieve the common goal of becoming EmpowHERed."

  • Eesha Kashif

    "I would tell a prospective applicant to come in with an open mind. The EmpowHER sisterhood is overwhelming with its support. Never shy away from asking for help or any questions in general. Believe that you are about to build a support system that is strong, reliable and ever lasting."

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  • Abigail Kolff

    "I would tell a prospective applicant that the lessons you learn and the connections you create through EmpowHER are so worth it and will make a difference in your life. EmpowHER not only taught me basic job skills such as how to nail an interview, but it also taught me how to be vulnerable, confident, and authentic." 

  • Aleah LaForce

    “EmpowHER will challenge you to believe in yourself. You will find yourself unconsciously supporting yourself on a new level. You will be surrounded by sisterhood and a community that will champion you forward. This program will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and aspire to achieve greatness! You will learn how to better communicate, lead with empathy, and sharpen your professional development skills."

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  • Imane Mabrouk

    "After participating in the EmpowHER program, I feel much more confident and intentional about my place in the professional world. I know I deserve to be here. I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER will make you reflect and find yourself! It created confidence for me, and got rid of my imposter syndrome."

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  • Diamondnia Mack

    “I will change the world by ensuring that the most underserved, disenfranchised, and underrepresented among us are given a voice to empower themselves, their communities, and advocate for equality.”

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  • Kayla McLymont

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that the EmpowHER program provided me with a courageous mindset that gave me the determination to learn from setbacks rather than let them define me."

  • Te'ya Mitchell

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER is a great way to connect with likeminded women. Through EmpowHER I had the chance to practice setting boundaries in the workplace, giving and receiving feedback, and having an active role in shaping my internship experience. But, more than that, I had the chance to work with a group of incredible women who were as compassionate as they were ambitious!" 

  • Munira Mohamed

    “I would tell a prospective applicant to EmpowHER to fully engage in this opportunity and to participate in all of the meetings. I am more confident participating in a professional environment because of this program." 

  • Verónica Olivera-Velez

    I would tell a prospective applicant that EmpowHER's not about how other women can help you be better; it's about how you can enhance your own skills so you can encourage yourself and others."

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  • Donah Opande

    “EmpowHER is an experience that will not only create many connections and opportunities in your career but will also help you to gain close friendships forever. EmpowHER not only increased my confidence in myself and public speaking but also helped me with career coaching in areas such as interviews and resumes." 

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  • Kelsie Piersaint

    I would tell a potential applicant to EmpowHER that this program is an amazing experience. Through participating, I feel more confident in myself and my ability to change the world by working to ensure that underrepresented communities can obtain access to fair legal representation through my work in policy.”

  • Yamam Saheb

    The BA Women's Alliance is life-changing. I would tell an applicant to share their true self. EmpowHER made me feel comfortable with the thought of being uncomfortable. I learned the importance of reframing my story and failures while containing to work with compassion (to myself and others)." 

  • Ritika Sharma

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that applying to EmpowHER would probably be one of the best decisions in life. EmpowHER has helped me develop in so many different ways and I'm so grateful. I've learned to be more confident. I've learned to say NO! And most importantly, I've learned to speak out if something is wrong." 

  • Kimani Smith

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that the amazing women and connections you meet through EmpowHER cannot be beat. This program has connected me with so many people and allowed me to learn that my work up until this point mattered."

  • Maryori Sosa

    “Participating in the EmpowHER program has taught me the BA mindset that I belong and can thus be authentic, stand up, and speak out when necessary. I will no longer get stuck in imposter syndrome. I will change the world by championing accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion." 

  • Sarah Tallents

    I would encourage any applicant to participate in this program as it establishes a great support system and helps guide you through the transition from academia to professionalism. The EmpowHER program created a safe space for me to grow into a more professional version of myself." 

  • Saneela Tameez

    I would tell a prospective applicant to take in everything EmpowHER gives you to the fullest: the relationships you create amongst your BA sisters, the lessons you're learning, the internship experience, and all the other BA moments. Not only do each of these create an opportunity to learn something new, but all of these moments will be memories you will want to hold on to."

  • Christianna Trimiar

    I would tell a prospective applicant to take the chance to participate in this program to get to meet people and network. I am so thankful for the great sister bonding times and networking opportunities we had. I am much more confident and aware after being a member of the 2020 cohort." 

  • Jessica Trowell

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that the mentorship and sisterhood that comes from EmpowHER is worth the investment. EmpowHER expanded my professional network of leaders in politics, provided webinars that exposed me to women that worked in the fields I sought to work in, and gave me the support and resources to understand myself better than I ever have previously."

  • Destiny Wiley-Yancy

    “I will change the world by bringing the voices of marginalized communities to the forefront of national public policy conversations and working to ensure our nation follows through on its democratic promises to all.” 

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  • Chuhan Zhang

    “I would tell a prospective applicant that the EmpowHER program is a great resource for women who are eager to contribute to the world, and look for opportunities in D.C. The program helped me to create the mindset to be positive, always share my thoughts with others, and always be willing to help others."