These 38 BA Women represent the 2019 EmpowHER alumnae.
They have already achieved so much;
just watch as they change the world.

  • Ophelia
    From Malden, Massachusetts—Grad, Boston University

    Internship: National Peace Corps Association
    "EmpowHER is a great program and an opportunity to move forward in life fearlessly; knowing there is a big family of women supporting you. The networking opportunities in particular connected me to people I would ordinarily not meet."

  • Iman Ali From Williamson, Kentucky—Grad, Harvard University

    Internship: Muslim Public Affairs Council
    "It's not a pseudo promise when these ladies say they'll be there for you. They mean it. They show it. The compassion and kindness I felt during the summer was immeasurable and taught me that I too must treat others the same way."
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  • Razan Badr From New Orleans, Louisiana—Undergrad, Loyola University

    Internship: Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit
    "Through EmpowHER I learned more about myself and the times I feel I am at my best, and I have been able to better reflect on past experiences to become more self-aware. I learned to be unapologetic, not afraid take up all the space I need, and to advocate for myself."

  • Elizabeth Boyle From Manhasset, New York—Undergrad, University of Notre Dame

    Internship: U.S. Department of State
    "The EmpowHER program helped transform Washington D.C. from just a summer stop-over to a lifelong home. This program has equipped me to be successful in all areas of my life and I am ready to spread my BA values everywhere I go."

  • Amber Bynum From Lakewood, California—Grad, Penn State University

    Internship: Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs
    "My favorite part of EmpowHER was being surrounded and uplifted by other incredible women. It was great to grow with and support women with different interests but similar goals. I loved getting to build our bond of friendship."
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  • Daisha Carson From Mays Landing, New Jersey—Undergrad,
    Rutgers University

    Internship: America's Promise Alliance 
    "EmpowHER shows you that you do not have to be perfect to experience something great like this program. EmpowHER allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and see my true worth as an individual, student, and as a professional."
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  • Amira Daugherty From Stone Mountain, Georgia—Undergrad,
    Agnes Scott College

    Internship: Congressman Hank Johnson
    "EmpowHER created excellent opportunities to network with other career driven women across the country. While you do get the opportunity to interact with some of these women through your internship, having a program purposefully crafted for the sake of bringing together future B(ad) A(**) women is something you just don't see every day."
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  • Tiffany del Valle From Hialeah, Florida—Undergrad, Smith College

    Internship: Office of Congresswoman
    Frederica Wilson

    "The EmpowHER program made my summer in DC possible. I never would have been able to live in the city for months at a time on a measly Hilltern salary. I genuinely believe this program kickstarted my career, opening so many doors for me based on a professional experience that would otherwise have been impossible."
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  • Erin Doolin From Orange County, California—Undergrad, Pennsylvania State

    Internship: U.S. Attorney's Office
    "My favorite part of the program was getting to meet people in D.C. I was worried about making friends, so this program was a really great way to meet people. I became friends with people I know I'll stay in touch with. The friendship aspect of the program was definitely the highlight for me."
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  • Daisy Flores From New York, New York—Grad, Baruch College

    Internship: Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs
    "The program made me feel like I wasn't alone in trying to improve my circumstances, career, relationships, finances, and community. It showed me the value of lifting as we climb and the importance of supporting the women around me. I felt part of a sisterhood, something I had never experienced."

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  • Mary Hanna From Nashville, Tennessee—Undergrad, Vanderbilt University

    Internship: International Rescue Committee
    "My favorite part of EmpowHER was the relationships I built with the women in my cohort. I don't always fit in well with a big group of people, especially when I tend to have a quieter personality than most, but the one-on-one conversations and friendships I had made me feel comfortable and welcome."

  • Sabrina Hunte From Newark, New Jersey—Undergrad, Bowdoin College

    Internship: North American Association for Environmental Education
    "My favorite part of EmpowHER is the salary negotiation workshop. Prior to the workshop, I did not know that salary negotiation was such a central part of getting a job, I thought that they gave you an offer and you just took it. I felt so empowered in that moment and now think that I can truly advocate for myself in the future."
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  • Chiquita Jackson From Detroit, Michigan—Undergrad, University
    of Kansas

    Internship: National Institute for Civil Discourse
    and Poverty

    "My favorite parts of EmpowHER was connecting with my colleagues and getting to know them on a deeper level. The program also helped me to realize my dream of changing the world by defending and protecting those who are underrepresented in society."
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  • Sophie Jacobson From Norfolk,
    Georgetown University

    Internship: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    "The EmpowHER program reminded me that it is not impossible to build a network of women in a city like D.C. EmpowHER has the institutional wherewithal to support genuine connections across experiences. For this reason, I really appreciated the fact that EmpowHER is setting out to create these networks for the people who truly do need them the most."

  • Ashley Jazayeri From Helena, Montana—Undergrad, Carroll College

    Internship: Middle East Institute
    "EmpowHER taught me the importance of looking to mentors to help me in my career. Too often, I have found myself stuck thinking that I have to do it all by myself. This summer taught me to accept help, and to give help when I am able."
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  • Allison Joseph From Long Beach,
    California—Undergrad, Scripps College

    Internship: The Stern Group
    "I will empower, inspire and challenge women to be leaders in the creation of their own unique feminine identity."

  • Godsee Joy From Silver Spring, Maryland—Undergrad, Notre Dame

    Internship: Deloitte
    "The greatest part of EmpowHER is the people in it. I highly recommend taking the time to grab lunches or coffee with the incredible women in your cohort and get to know them. They will be your support network after the internship ends and so really take the time to build those relationships over the summer."
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  • Danielle Kimbro From Atlanta, Georgia—Undergrad, Smith College

    Internship: Free the Facts
    "EmpowHER is a great scholarship program that connects you with many resources, tools, tips, and career coaching advice to help you succeed in any field you pursue. I learned many skills from networking, to negotiating my salary, to setting boundaries, as well as making sure I am setting goals and meeting them."
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  • Taylor King From Tulsa, Oklahoma—Undergrad, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

    Internship: Arnold Ventures
    "I went in to the program with a focus on networking with those who can answer my immediate questions and fulfill my immediate needs as professionals, but EmpowHER showed me the value of working with a group of future leaders who are at the same place professionally as you."

  • Erica Lam From Hong Kong, China—Grad, George Washington University

    Internship: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    "The EmpowHER program helped me learn and hone skills, some of which I hadn't had any previous exposure to, to build my career. I also loved the creativity and positivity of the people and atmosphere of the program environment, which was especially appreciated after a long day of hard work!"
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  • April Lopez From Highland Park, New Jersey—Undergrad,
    Rutgers University

    Internship: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
    "EmpowHER is an excellent pipeline for entering the D.C. public affairs/policy atmosphere. Not only does EmpowHER prepare you in terms of professional development, but it also felt like a safe space to discuss diversity and inclusion. EmpowHER equipped me to feel more confident in my value personally and therefore, professionally."

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  • Maya Love From Centennial, Colorado—Undergrad, Claremont McKenna College

    Internship: U.S. Colorado Senator Michael Bennet
    "The material and guidance is important aspect of the summer, however, when it comes to connections and applying those resources it is really the cohort that forms all those points together. This summer I made some amazing friends and know I joined a wonderful sisterhood."
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  • Sofia Martinez From Chicago, Illinois—Undergrad, Grinnell College

    Internship: Benach &
    Collopy, LLP

    "EmpowHER was and is an amazing program. The amount of support you'll get from the organization and your peers is completely unexpected. While no one holds your hand in life, EmpowHER pushes you in a better direction. Having connections to the alumnae network, a mentor, and general support was something I'll be forever grateful for."
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  • Madeleine McCullough From Newtown, Pennsylvania—Undergrad, Boston College

    Internship: Food Research and Action Committee
    “What made the EmpowHER program special were the other members of the 2019 cohort. I made connections with women that I know will stand the test of time and distance. Our conversations validated struggles and successes that I experienced at my internship and encouraged me to make the most of my time in D.C."
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  • Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines From Boston,
    Johns Hopkins University

    Internship: U.S. Department of State
    "EmpowHER is a great program for building your professional network. My favorite part of EmpowHER is without a doubt the cohort—the participants have internships and backgrounds across a broad range of fields and are all going to make a significant impact in their careers and lives."
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  • Talyce Murray From Lansing, Michigan—Undergrad, Michigan
    State University

    Internship: DC127
    "Without question, my favorite part of EmpowHER was the people: both the members of my cohort and the greater network the BA foundation provided to me. I had the benefit of feeling a part of the community as a whole while I was in D.C., to the extent that returning home felt like I was leaving another home."
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  • An Nguyen From Riverside, California—Undergrad, University of California, Irvine

    Internship: Southeast Asia Resource Action Center
    "The EmpowHER program allowed me to develop many practical skills for the professional world. I enjoyed the workshops about managing up and influencing within the work environment."

  • Mykelle Richburg From Long Island, New York—Grad, George Washington University

    Internship: Montgomery County Council
    "EmpowHER is a unique organization that is dedicated to uplifting, inspiring, and motivating young professional women in Washington, D.C. while equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed professionally and personally. I am forever thankful for this program and look forward to helping other young women grow professionally."
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  • Alexandria Robinson From Novi, Michigan—Undergrad, Central Michigan University

    Internship: National Community Reinvestment Coalition
    "My favorite part of EmpowHER was the fellowship with other women. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone and building lasting bonds. The summer was a whirlwind, but the support of my friends in the cohort was very helpful."
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  • Alexis Rufi From St. Paul, Minnesota—Undergrad, St. Olaf College

    Internship: Ayuda Immigration Firm
    "Prepare for a whirl-wind of a summer where you will be challenged to elevate your badass-ness to the next level and be surrounded by incredible women while doing so. The most empowering part will be the support, love, and energy of the other women who are making incredible differences in the world and will make you feel proud to be considered one of them."
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  • Sierra Salser From Arlington, Texas—Undergrad at Austin College

    Internship: Hera Hub
    "If you're seeking a boost in your professional development, then EmpowHER is the best platform for you. BA women are a supportive group of women who are striving to be and do more in life. I learned how to better negotiate and speak up for myself. I also know the value of making and maintaining connections. These are skills I will carry with me in my toolbox for success."

  • Hsien-Tien Shen From Taiwan
    —Undergrad, Montgomery College

    Internship: DSFederal
    "It's a great program for young women who want to thrive in their careers and using their skills to help more people in the future. I've learned a lot about how to deal with different situations in the working environment, including how to present my ideas, how to approach superiors with conflicting opinions, how to network with people in the related field, and more!"

  • Jacquelyn Sherman From Bucks County, Pennsylvania—Undergrad, West Chester University

    Internship: Securities and Exchange Commission
    "I would tell prospective applicants that EmpowHER is a great program for interns that provides opportunities to network with your peers, learn professional development strategies, and meet mentors and other professionals that can provide support as you begin your career."

  • May Teng From Jakarta, Indonesia—Undergrad,
    Georgetown University

    Internship: Fuller Project for International Reporting
    "I will increase the representation of women and underrepresented groups in mainstream media outlets."
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  • Thomasena Thomas From Florence, South Carolina—Undergrad, College of Charleston

    Internship: American Youth Policy Forum
    "This is an amazing program for women who would like to grow professionally and personally and is best for women who are just starting in their careers or have little experience in the workforce. The program gave me a strong cohort of women to assist me in my journey through life."

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  • Ella Vanderbilt-Fried From Chappaqua, New York—
    Grad, Boston University

    Internship: Impact
    Marketing + Communications

    "During my time in EmpowHER I learned a lot about how to show up to things, not just physically showing up but being committed to a process and organization. Other EmpowHER participants helped me grow as a person and try things that were outside of my comfort zone, inspiring me to be a better person."

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  • Isamar Vaquero From Washington D.C.,—Grad, Pepperdine University

    Internship: U.S. Department
    of State

    "EmpowHER creates a community of strong women that want to make a difference in the world. You will meet people from very diverse backgrounds. The program provided me with the knowledge and resources necessary to have a successful internship experience but also to take on future experiences in the workplace."
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  • Rosa Vazquez From Guadalajara, Mexico—Undergrad, Harvard University

    Internship: Latino
    Victory Project

    "I will empower communities that have been systematically disenfranchised and through the diversification of historically exclusive institutions."