While each of us has fought hard to open doors, we’ve also had doors held open by generous advocates. Think back to your first big break. Who helped pave your way? Today, you can help pave the way for women to shatter glass ceilings and expectations.



Your financial contribution creates lasting change for women who deserve access to important educational and professional opportunities. At EmpowHER, we are fiercely dedicated to ensuring every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential. But it is only through committed supporters like you that we are able to do so.

You can be the reason a woman has the resources she needs to change the world.




$25/month or $300/year

Spark change and ignite a fire. $25 will cover one week of public transportation for an intern in DC. $300 will cover roundtrip airfare to our nation's capital. This sponsorship level is available as a recurring monthly donation or a single annual payment.



$50/month or $600/year

Make magic happen for a hardworking woman. $50 will buy a student a work-appropriate outfit for their internship.  $600 will cover living expenses in DC for a month.
This sponsorship level is available as a recurring monthly donation or a single annual payment.



$100/month or $1,200/year

Inspire a single woman or an entire generation.  $100 will buy groceries for two weeks.  $1,200 will sponsor a professional development workshop for our cohort of BA women.
This sponsorship level is available as a recurring monthly donation or a single annual payment.

Customize Your Donation


Customize your level of support to back a BA Woman. Whether you want to support with a larger amount, or maybe you are just embarking on your career and want to provide what you can to help a woman like you succeed.

All levels of support include

  • Opportunity to be featured in EmpowHER content and interviews
  • Invitation to contribute guest and collaborated posts to the BA Women blog
  • Name to be listed on the BA Women Supporters web page and featured in our annual Impact Report
  • Ability to connect with EmpowHER participants and alumnae as mentors and advocates
  • Invitations to special events
  • Signature EmpowHER thank you gift


Forge Her Path To Success

Be a key element in the career development of another woman. Use your knowledge, lessons learned, and stories of success to fuel the achievements of a woman with potential.

Contribute to Meaningful,
Widespread Change

From fresh perspectives to the change of mindsets, when you Back A BA Woman, you are contributing to the future we are all striving to build. Due to our participants’ dedication to paying it forward, every BA Woman is sure to create ripples of positive change, with the benefit of your support.

Open Doors, Invite People In & Change the Status Quo

In today’s world, women hold only 34% of public sector leadership roles in the U.S. And, while 20% of Americans are women of color, women of color comprise just under 9% of the U.S. Congress in 2019. This is unacceptable.

We’re actively working to create a world where all women have access to the profession of their choice and the ability to change the world. Last year, we supported 10 women who were first-generation college students and 16 women of color. Together, we can do even more.

Empowered Women & Men Empower Women

Your support of the EmpowHER initiative translates to an opportunity to support the advancement of women who will change the world. When you Back a BA Woman, you’re not investing in just one woman, you’re investing in the future. EmpowHER sponsors are forceful advocates of women in their communities.

Was your voice silenced in your career? We hear you.
Did someone else get credit for your good ideas? We see you.

And we want to make sure, together, women headed to Washington are heard, seen, and reckoned with. Do you want to empower women? Then become an EmpowHER supporter and empower women everywhere.