Our internship placement support process is unlike any other program in Washington, D.C. Because we’re looking for women who are tenacious go-getters, we help guide you through the process, instilling you with the skills, knowledge, and direction you need to go out there and get the internship (and one day, job!) of your dreams. You’ll get guidance on resume and cover letter writing, how to ace the interview, and other support as you move through the internship application process, including advice specifically designed for career fields in Washington, D.C. We’ll also provide you a list of BA Women pre-approved intern host organizations, where former EmpowHER participants have completed internships in the past and who are eager to host a BA intern like you!

While internship start and end dates may vary, most 2020 internships will take place from June 1st to August 1st.

1. Get Started:

Participants enroll in EmpowHER in early March. Once enrolled, you’ll begin the self-paced portion of our spring e-learning curriculum, covering modules such as finding & applying to internships, cover letter & resume writing, and the art of acing the interview. You can also schedule a one-on-one conversation with your EmpowHER career coach at any time to get customized feedback on your internship application materials. 

2. Decide Where You Want to Apply:

Based on your interests and lessons learned from our spring curriculum, you’ll then identify which organizations you hope to intern with in the summer of 2020. There are two steps to applying to internships with EmpowHER, and all participants are required to complete both.

Step 2a -- Explore and Apply for Opportunities Independently: Using the tools you’ll learn in our signature “How to Find a D.C. Internship” webinar, EmpowHER participants will identify organizations and opportunities they would like to pursue outside of our network. This means you’ll be honing important professional skills you’ll use for life, including navigating internship listings and finding opportunities that inspire you. D.C. is home to more than 12,000 nonprofits alone, and we know our EmpowHER participants are as diverse as the range of these opportunities in our nation’s capital. Likewise, each year, participants learn more about themselves through the independent search process (which organizations seem most exciting, which jobs most resonate, etc.).

It’s also important to note: each year, EmpowHER welcomes women in Congressional internships or at federal agencies. These fields tend to recruit much further in advance than other industries, and may involve background checks and security clearances to be completed. As such, EmpowHER applicants are encouraged to follow the application process and timeline for internships at these offices.

Step 2b  -- Research and Connect with BA Women Partner Organizations: Upon completion of our spring curriculum, you'll be provided with a curated list of BA Women partner host organizations, unique to your skills and areas of interest to help get you started on your internship search. This list, exclusive to EmpowHER participants and designed uniquely for you, is comprised of organizations that have either hosted EmpowHER participants in the past or has otherwise been vetted by EmpowHER staff based on their commitment to BA Women values and alignment with your interests. You’ll receive a list of organizations (along with internship job descriptions, organization application process, and other helpful details) that we think could be a fit for you, based on what you’ve shared with us in your application materials. 

3. Apply and Interview for Internships:

As you apply to internships (both within our partner organization network and beyond it), you should inform EmpowHER staff of what organizations are on your application list. We’ll reach out on your behalf to BA partner organizations so they know they have an EmpowHER participant in their applicant pool, helping to move your resume to the top of the pile and expediting your application process. During the internship application process, internship host organizations will reach out to you for additional information (including, for example, phone interview or even a work sample), which you’ll navigate with our support, until the coveted offer letter arrives! Throughout this process, EmpowHER participants can also access our BA Women career coaches to troubleshoot and otherwise support the application process—from your first submission to choosing between internship offers. 

4. Accept Your Internship Offer and Get Ready for D.C.!

Once you’ve secured an internship, you’ll notify EmpowHER staff and provide a copy of your offer letter. All internship supervisors will receive a welcome letter with important information about EmpowHER and hosting an EmpowHER intern, our summer calendar, as well as an invitation to our annual Supervisor Meet & Greet (typically hosted in June). Not only does this facilitate a smoother onboarding process for you, but it allows the BA Women community of champions to grow—and introduces your supervisors to all the benefits of being a BA Women partner organization! 



Because completing an internship is a key program component of EmpowHER, we are committed to equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and direction to secure an internship at a host organization that meets some or all of your professional goals. This means we’ll work with you throughout the process, troubleshooting along the way to help you grow as an individual and professional. That said, securing an internship placement will require your hard work and communication (with us and with potential host organizations) throughout the application process. While there is no guarantee of a placement, historically, 100% of EmpowHER participants have secured an internship that matches their interests.


EmpowHER participants are encouraged to select the internship that best suits their goals, so long as it runs for a minimum of 6 weeks and at least 20 hours a week during the EmpowHER program dates (June 1 - August 1). Should you select an internship that runs beyond the scope of these dates, and need to arrange for additional accommodations, we encourage you to reach out to our housing partner to accommodate your request, based on availability. It is the responsibility of the program participant to make these arrangements and pay for additional dates outside of the EmpowHER program period (we will provide additional information at enrollment). Guidance can be provided on an individual basis by EmpowHER staff.


No, it doesn’t! Internships that qualify for EmpowHER participation may be part-time, but must be at least 20 hours a week for six weeks. While we encourage full-time placements, in order to ensure you’re getting the most from your summer in D.C., we understand that sometimes EmpowHER participants need time to take classes, pick up extra income at a part-time job, or have familial obligations that prevent them from shouldering a full-time internship placement.


Most participants complete one internship over the course of the summer, and we encourage you to dive deep into your new place of work. That being said, we have had past EmpowHER participants complete multiple internships either concurrently or one after the other. If you have questions about how this may work, we’re happy to advise and even put you in touch with some of our alumnae who have made this work in the past!


We believe in the importance of paying interns—and we know that paying young women interns is an essential part of closing the gender pay gap. That’s why we prioritize compensated opportunities (including stipends or travel subsidies) that align with our participants’ interests over other internships. 

However, not all of our partner host organizations can offer compensation at this time. In fact, the majority of internships in the public service sector (including nonprofits and internships on Capitol Hill) are unpaid, due to budgetary restrictions. 

Any and all compensation will be determined by your host organization, not EmpowHER. This means compensation will vary by host organization, and by each individual EmpowHER participant.


Each summer, our partner host organizations vary depending on organizational needs and our participants unique interests. To see a list of previous organizations that have hosted EmpowHER interns click here.

Are you a past or potential partner organization looking for an intern this summer? Learn more and consider signing up to become one of BA Women's 2020 internship partner organizations here!