As an EmpowHER participant, you’ll be a part of an intensive 6-week spring and 8-week summer program (for a total of 14 weeks of support), as well as join a network of fierce BA Women, for life. We’re committed to doing our best to provide you with the tools, connections, and resources needed to help you build your future. We want your voice to be heard, your vision to be seen, and your ideas to come to fruition. We want to help enhance your knowledge, embrace your BAdassery, and empower others along the way.

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  • A sisterhood for life. Connect to the 2020 EmpowHER cohort of 40 women who share your values and professional journey.
  • Summer internship placement support, including guidance on applying to internships in D.C., resume and cover letter reviews, and tips for acing the interview.
  • D.C.-based housing for the summer. You’ll have housing in a safe, secure, and centrally-located area of D.C. for 8 weeks alongside other BA women.
  • A spring e-learning curriculum, where you’ll learn from industry experts and the BA Women community of alumnae, staff, and advocates.
  • Exclusive invitation to weekly events throughout summer, including  professional development workshops, “PowHER Hour” site visits to a variety of D.C.’s leading institutions, and networking events that provide access to industry experts.
  • Resources to keep you safe, including workplace sexual harassment training, designed especially for interns and a 24/7 direct emergency phone number to staff.
  • Personalized professional resources to help round out your portfolio and propel your success over the summer.
  • Opportunity for academic credit at your collegiate institution (based on your institution’s policies).
  • Scholarships are also available for a limited number of participants.

Read more on each of these benefits below! 


When you become a BA Woman, you’re joining more than just a summer program. You’re joining a movement toward opportunity and equity for women. You’re joining a family, a sisterhood that will have your back. A BA Woman is surrounded by fellow women who support each other and encourage the mutual development of their untapped potential. This sisterhood of amazing women will push you toward excellence in all things.

After your summer with EmpowHER, you’ll officially be a “BA Woman,” joining more than 120 previous alumnae and entering into a world of exciting alumnae opportunities, as well as a broader network of BA Women across the country and around the globe! Through your professional and personal journeys, you will make strides together with your BA Women, for life.


Our internship placement process is unlike any other program in Washington, D.C. Because we’re looking for BA Women who are tenacious go-getters, we help guide you through the process, instilling you with the skills, knowledge, and direction you need to go out there and get the internship (and one day, job!) of your dreams. You’ll get guidance on resume and cover letter writing, how to ace the interview, and other supports as you move through the internship application process. We’ll also provide you a list of BA Women pre-approved host organizations, where former BA Women have completed internships in the past and who are eager to host a go-getter like you! . 

Important note on Congressional and Federal Agency Internships: Each year, EmpowHER welcomes women in Congressional internships (Senate or Representative offices) or at federal agencies (U.S. Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development, etc.). If you are interested in an internship at these locations, you should follow the internship application process and timeline for their respective office. Governmental agencies tend to recruit much further in advance than other industries, and may require background checks and security clearances be completed.


EmpowHER offers you 8 weeks of summer housing in a safe, secure, and centrally-located area of D.C., alongside other BA women, where you’ll make connections that last a lifetime. We know that finding housing as a first-timer in D.C.—housing that you know is safe and won’t break the bank—is a daunting and intimidating process. We also know that connections are made in the little moments: rushing off to work in the morning side-by-side, running into friends as you make your way home, and being able to share a meal while trading stories after a long day. That’s why centralized BA Women housing, where you can create lifelong bonds with your BA sisters, is a core part of your EmpowHER experience.


From the moment of enrollment, you’ll be provided BA Women exclusive support to equip you for a successful internship search and summer in Washington, D.C. Arriving in D.C. for the first time can be intimidating for a number of reasons. Between finding your way in a new place, trying to budget in one of the U.S.’ most expensive cities, acclimating to a new work environment, and figuring out how to network for the first time, it’s a lot. We want to help you arrive for your summer as prepared to successfully take on your internship as possible.

That’s why EmpowHER equips you with an interactive spring 2020 e-learning curriculum and community of support, where you’ll learn from industry experts and BA Women alumnae, staff, and advocates. Our spring curriculum—which can be done from the comfort of your couch, a nearby coffee shop, or campus library—covers topics such as the art of applying & landing an internship, how to get the most out of your position, and what to expect living in D.C., while also connecting you to your new sisterhood of women, prior to your arrival in D.C. 


EmpowHER gives you the platform to be unstoppable, providing you with the resources you need to make big things happen. As part of EmpowHER, you’ll be invited to exclusive professional development workshops, “PowHER Hour” site visits to a variety of D.C.’s leading institutions, and networking events that provide access to industry experts. EmpowHER participants meet weekly to learn new skills, cultivate their professional communities, and build upon the lessons they’re learning at their internship sites.

And because we know that having the correct tools is integral to your success, EmpowHER provides each participant with personalized professional resources to help round out your portfolio and to help you take your industry by storm.

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It’s important to understand your workplace rights, especially about workplace sexual harassment. It’s even more important to know how to handle a harassing situation if it does happen. In addition to providing you with research and tools to help navigate the workplace, we also provide a specific training for interns about your workplace rights and creating positive workplace cultures. But that’s not all: we also provide all of our BA Women with a phone number connecting you directly to staff 24/7 should an emergency occur. No matter the time of day or night, we’re here for you. 


Here at EmpowHER we get that our BA Women have dynamic goals, and are often working on achieving their many dreams simultaneously. That’s why we are committed to working with EmpowHER participants to get the academic credit they need over their summer in D.C. No matter what your university policy is, we’re happy to serve as a resource in the pursuit of academic success while launching you into the professional world. 



Washington, D.C. is a busy and exciting place—which may sometimes seem a bit overwhelming! Our past participants said that the best way they navigated their new city and found friends in Washington, D.C. was through joining our alliance of BA Women. EmpowHER will help introduce you to your D.C. feminist girl gang to explore and help you take advantage of all Washington, D.C. has to offer. From the D.C. Jazz Festival and the Citi Open tennis tournament, to any of the 19 world-class Smithsonian museums or the annual 17th Street Festival, summer in Washington, D.C. is second to none with its countless cultural, historic, and artistic experiences. 


We are committed to supporting women from all financial backgrounds and will be awarding a limited number of scholarships to applicants demonstrating financial need and for whom a small amount of support would make a significant difference. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to participate in EmpowHER, please complete the scholarship portion of our online application.