EmpowHER is the brainchild of the BA Women’s Alliance: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that champions women who seek to make a difference in the world. We know that a small amount of support can make all the difference in someone’s life; so we aim to enrich the lives of women, so that they, in turn, can make all the difference in the world.

We founded the BA Women’s Alliance to honor B.A. Rudolph, a remarkable woman who set her goddaughters with the task of helping other women, and whose ideals we emulate.

B.A. Rudolph

B.A. Rudolph, our namesake, was an inspiration and driving force for women in many ways, even outside of her professional accomplishments. She was a remarkable woman full of energy, humor, and an indomitable will to make things happen. She was compassionate, bossy, irreverent, generous, and loyal. She loved margaritas almost as much as she loved stirring up “the good kind” of trouble. Most of all, she inspired those around her to be the best possible “BA”dass versions of themselves.

B.A. passed away in 2011; it is in her memory that we work to support the future B.A.’s, women like you.


Board of Directors

When the BA Women’s Alliance was originally established from the trust of B.A. Rudolph in 2011, she selected her five goddaughters and close friends as the Board of Directors and Advisors. B.A. taught them to be strong, grounded by friends and family, as well as the importance of forwarding thinking, independence, and especially laughter. Through the Alliance, our Board of Directors and Advisors seek to serve a similar role in the lives of women. In 2019, the Board of Directors was expanded to reflect our values and needs as a growing organization.

Alumnae Council

Because we know our alumnae are our fiercest champions, we knew we couldn't miss the opportunity to leverage their existing leadership and passion to enrich and advance our mission. The Alumnae Council is a committee that reports to the BA Women's Alliance Board of Directors, and consults with staff to improve the alumnae experience, expand EmpowHER programming and recruitment, and advance the organization in a variety of other areas.


The BA Women's Alliance isn't just made up of our staff and governing bodies, but also includes our partners in facilitation, past intern host organizations, and business partners. See a curated list of some of the BA members of our community below.


Want to learn more about the HERstory, governance, and other work of the BA Women's Alliance? Follow the link below to visit our parent website BAWomensAlliance.org