EmpowHER, a BA Women initiative, is a program that helps women land Washington, D.C.-based internships and launch careers that change the world. EmpowHER participants, who are currently or recently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, gain real-world professional experience by completing an internship, participating in weekly professional and leadership development opportunities, and attending a variety of networking and social events. And (perhaps most importantly), they'll be surrounded and supported by their fellow cohort of EmpowHERed women—the ultimate feminist girl gang—as well as the broader BA community of alumnae and champions.

The BA Women's Alliance is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak.
Adjustments have been made to EmpowHER 2020, to ensure the health & safety of our community.
For more information about BA Women's response to COVID-19, read the full press release

Who is a BA Woman?

A 'BA Woman' is what we've affectionately dubbed the members of our community: our Board members, alumnae, long-time friends, mentors, volunteers, and champions who help us in ways large and small.

Most importantly, a BA Woman is daring and compassionate, tenacious and persistent. She's a total BAdass. She lifts while she climbs, making the world around her a better place, every step of the way. A BA Woman has a passion for change and the drive to go out and make it happen. Through EmpowHER, and her sisterhood of BA women, she’s unstoppable.

It's not a pseudo promise when these ladies say they'll be there for you. They mean it. They show it. The compassion and kindness I felt during this summer was immeasurable.

Iman Ali, 2019 BA Woman

What is the EmpowHER program?

EmpowHER is a Washington, D.C.-based program focused on shattering limitations and propelling you toward a successful future. EmpowHER provides you with the support to grow as a person and a professional, helping you to become the most BAdass version of yourself, alongside other women who are on this same journey.

If you’re looking to embark on a path toward career development and empowerment, Washington, D.C. is the place to start. As a participant in EmpowHER, you’re in our nation’s capital, where you’ll be supported by a framework that’s designed to spark meaningful career advancement, develop your leadership skills, and connect you to a community of BA Women who will help you reach your goals. These BA Women offer something no other program can: the BA Legacy, an enduring commitment to badassery.

How can I apply for the EmpowHER program?

Congrats, you’ve just found the key to elevating your career, redefining empowerment, and becoming a stronger leader with the EmpowHER program! It’s time to take the first step toward joining the movement fiercely dedicated to your advancement. The EmpowHER application asks you to thoughtfully share more about who you are and your goals for the future. Filling out the application is easy and can be completed entirely online. Applications are now closed.


We are dedicated to making participating in EmpowHER and living & interning in Washington, D.C. accessible to women from all backgrounds. As such, our 14-week program, which includes a spring e-learning curriculum, summer programming, and summer housing, is just $7,975—one of the most affordable on the market.

We also have a variety of scholarships available to women for whom a small amount of support would make a significant difference. Applicants with the highest level of need are even eligible to receive summer living stipends to help make their dream of a summer in D.C. a reality!